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Bespoke Courses

Courses & Workshops

The TMI Toolkit is not just for the budding individual to take advantage of when taking their dip into the pool of entrepreneurship. We also deliver core courses and workshops to businesses who want to enrich their employee value prospect and offer real learning opportunities for their employees to grow in their roles and personally. 

Want a custom course created for your university or business? The TMI Lifestyle has you covered. With years of bespoke training, course conception and delivery under our belt, you can rest assured that the TMI Lifestyle course creators can produce a comprehensive course that will inform, educate and add value to it's recipients.

Image by Wylly Suhendra

Bring Your Full Self to Work

The concept is simple; Bring Your full Self to Work. Many POC in the workplace confess to not being able to bring their full selves to work for a variety of reasons.


This 90 minute intimate workshop breaks down those reasons and offers insight to blockers that might not be initially obvious without a POC frame of reference to process them through.


The workshop also functions as a safe space for non ethnic minority colleagues to learn how they can make space for their ethnic minority colleagues to bring their full selves to work; it’s also a safe space for colleagues to ask questions and grow their understanding on the hot topic.

Workshop capacity: 10 per workshop

Workshop length: 2 hours

Workshop cost: £399.95

Now available as a digital workshop!

Get in touch for more details.

Black History Month Group Pic.png

Black History Month Programme

For this Black History Month, TMI Lifestyle has to offer an expertly curated programme, covering all 21 days of BHM in the office.


This programme will allow HR managers and ED&I committee co-ordinators to celebrate Black History Month in house without the intimidation of accurately appreciating and celebrating minority culture in the workplace.

This programme is engaging, insightful and educational without being heavy handed and alienating; the perfect combination for your business.

This programme includes:

  • Expertly tailored infographics

  • Black History media

  • Cultural engagement pieces

  • Conversation starters

  • Team activities and more

Programme length: 21 days

Programme cost: £499

Get in touch for more details.


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Yulanda gives us an opportunity to talk about our views in a non-judgmental environment with the priceless acknowledgement that our views are subjective, but with some trust and understanding we can converge to somewhere reasonable rather than being fragmented through fear or lack of access to the conversation.


On top of this Yulanda contributes her own well considered and informed perspective with justifications to accompany her views. She structures the workshop to stay focused and helps guide the discussion in to interesting areas with examples and thought experiments.


I was pleased to fill in some blind spots on subjects I already had on my radar, and thought it was the healthiest thing in the world to explore the subtle misalignments in mutually coherent views which on a newspaper headline just look like a wedge between communities. - Joe S - Bring Your Full Self to Work, Workshop

I found myself needing the help of TMI when I had to write a personal statement for a higher education course. I sent this across and it was back the next day fully checked over and amended. To say I am impressed is an understatement. I will definitely be seeking the services of TMI in the future. Charlee - Editing and proof reading service

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