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About The TMI Lifestyle

About This Introvert

The Millennial Introvert Lifestyle was created by resident introvert Yulanda Duff as a way to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and scale their business. TMI Lifestyle does this by providing a comprehensive toolkit of e-books, workbooks, courses and webinars to guide them on their journey to magnate status.

"Millennial introvert" is an intentional oxymoron. Millennials have projected a brand equivalent with innovation, transformation and entrepreneurship; how can an introvert embody that ideology? Quite easily actually. Millennial introverts toe the line of introversion while knocking down the door of their success.

The TMI Lifestyle toolkit covers everything from brand building, niching, selling, product creation, empire expansion and so much more. 


With years of experience creating content designed to add value for big businesses, boards, committees and societies, CEO Yulanda has a history of delivering results. 

Take a look at the toolkit to learn more.

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Our Values

People First

The Millennial Introvert code is to champion people always by making sure people are at the centre of every decision and every action is to the benefit of that ethos.


The Millennial Introvert ethos doesn't run on hidden agendas or misinformation. You can trust that the guidance you receive is whole and not withholding.


The TMI Lifestyle is built on innovation in perpetuity. Here, we understand that change and growth are constant so we ensure we're constantly changing and growing to best serve you. 

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